Player Interview : Xander Schauffele October 15, 2017

Q. Can you just sum up the day for you?

Well, shot even par and, you know, not what we wanted obviously, but overall just a good start to the year.

Q. I think the result sets you up nicely for the rest of the long season, doesn't it?

Yeah. I mean, I think so. It's nice to play well overseas. There's always different factors, but yeah, it would have been nice to make a couple more putts, but it was fun, a fun last two days with Pat.

Q. Can you sum up the week overall? This is your first time to Malaysia?

Yeah, yeah, it was awesome. It was hot. I think I was a little fatigued today maybe I wasn't used to the first three days in a normal tournament. But it's been an awesome experience and obviously I played well. And it's, like I said, it's nice to play overseas especially when you've never been here.

Q. Obviously the heat was a huge test of patience this week for everybody?

Absolutely, yeah. It's so hot and everyone deals with it differently. Maybe next year I can try some other things to stay fresh.

Q. Your first time here, what are your thoughts about the event and do you see growing more in the years to come?

Oh, yeah, the event's great. The hospitality's great. CIMB, everyone's so nice here in Malaysia. The fans are nice. I like the food personally. I know some guys don't but I like the food. It's just, besides the heat, it's a really easy week for the players staying downtown there. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back.

Q. Coming back to your round, you bogeyed the first hole. Was that a tough challenge? XANDER SCHAUFFELE:
Yeah, I mean, I don't know. If you don't hit it in the fairway, it's almost an auto bogey on that green. I managed to miss the fairway twice and made two bogeys.
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